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Cambodia is a nation in the midst of change and development. After experiencing years of foreign domination, dictatorship, war and extreme poverty the country is at last on the road to recovery. Though steady progress has been made over the last decade there is still a significant way to go. Cambodia still remains one of the most impoverished nations in South East Asia.

The Bodj initiative was first conceived in 2001 when Ced Wells (under funding from The RSA and The British Council) travelled to Cambodia to work for a fair trade business support organisation, Bright Arrows Development Ltd.

Upon his return to the UK the family business A.J Wells & Sons Ltd got involved. As a long established British manufacturer of Charnwood wood burning stoves the company decided to support one of the villages’ mini enterprises by selling their terracotta tiles. The product married well with the wood stoves and hence ‘Bodj’ was born. Shortly after a further three projects were established: basketwares, ironworking and recycling facility which produce the products you see on this site today. The tile project ran for over 10 years providing the village with much needed income and support and by 2013 the original vision was fulfilled and the project came to a natural end.

Bodj aim to continue to assist in building up these and other communities with carefully monitored fair trade practices: to relieve poverty and to improve social and environmental conditions - while respecting the culture and environment these villagers live in.

With all Bodj products we aim to strike a balance by applying the western design practicalities with Cambodian age old traditions. Bodj is based on the Isle of Wight in the south of the UK and is a division of A.J Wells & Sons Ltd.